Network Service and Support

You invested in your IT systems but will they be there when you need them? Our Team can take the stress out of dealing with IT. Using industry best practices,we provide also network management services that ensure your systems are secure and reliable.

Network management includes system administration, security, anti-SPAM and anti-virus, asset management, break/fix, patch/upgrade, capacity management, optimization, and network health analysis. 

LAN Auditing

The LAN audit includes many benefits:

  • Comprehensive Accounting of all servers, workstations, printers, and network devices
  • Security threat assessment including open ports, unpatched servers, active user accounts and weak passwords.
  • SNMP logging and network performance testing will provide a baseline and show configuration errors.
  • Application testing

Consulting Services

With the rapid pace of change in Information Technology, will you be ready? Can you manage the impact to your business?  How can you remain competitive and profitable? Meeting or exceeding the rapidly changing expectations of your current and future customers, suppliers, and employees with real-world information technology is key to success for any organization.Our expertise can help you to find the right technology to make a difference in your business.

Focus on the business

Our services include auditing, software licensing analysis, documentation, data protection, network security, disaster recovery planning, and business continuity planning.  

We take an overall approach to ensure that your systems work as a whole. This delivers flexibility, simplicity and reliability. Of course, this saves money.

WAN Auditing

WAN (Wide Area Network) audit service.  Performance and consistency from site to site is imperative for today’s high bandwidth needs.  Large files, Databases, and IP phone systems have stressed typical WAN’s in recent years. 

  • Test performance to ensure ISP is delivering the speed and latency promised
  • Test consistency of the connection from all end points
  • Test endpoints for security, open ports, DOS resistance, etc.
  • Measure the amount of data going over the WAN, recommend bandwidth mitigation or improvements